We invite teams to address strategic organizational imperatives and co-create new realities through informed and inspired dialogue. The result: enhanced sustainability literacy, passion to achieve and competence to execute.

Our unique and thoroughly tested process is simple, robust and adaptable. We engage organizations and project teams in a unique, interactive, clarifying and creativity-enabling process:

  1. Identify, Anticipate and Prioritize major ‘sustainability’ trends, risks and opportunities that are, and are likely to become, ‘material’ – e.g. ecological, social, regulatory, geopolitical, community and economic. What distinguishes the unfolding landscape of the future and what will it mean for your situation (e.g. community, business, network, etc.) over the long run?

  2. Envision an attractive, desirable & sustainable future – for your organization and society at large – that guides long-term goals, program objectives, strategy and measurable targets. What will be our beautiful, ‘just’, fun, genuinely sustainable (and profitable) future? What is our strategy for getting there?

  3. Prioritize imperatives, develop competence and execute strategies and actions leading to improved sustainability performance and long-term value creation.How will we become an exceptional organization, community or network that turns exciting possibilities into celebrated realities? What do we need to do – e.g. learn, prioritize, invest in, develop partnerships, monitor/measure, revise, enhance?

We are seasoned sustainability professionals. Our key expertise is in converting challenging and interconnected environmental, social, community and business issues into clear, original sustainability strategies that constitute leading-edge thinking and lead to real improvements in sustainability performance.

We bring a unique combination of skills:

  • advanced expertise in strategy based on sustainability science, clear planning structure and human-scale development;

  • facilitation, deep listening and clear syntheses of diverse viewpoints and organizational imperatives, and

  • inspiring and engaging processes that stimulate innovation and embed sustainability leadership in organizations and networks.

Our extensive international experience has included project leadership and strategic advice for local communities and governments; large businesses; universities and non-governmental organizations in Canada and in Europe.

Many of our projects have been nationally and internationally recognized for excellence.